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Karen Rand Associates, (KRA LLC) has reinvented classic accounting to provide financial concierge services that can manage all aspects related to finances. Our goal is to empower the influential and discerning individuals we work with. With a reputation built on trust, discretion, and reliability, we ensure that the many moving parts of your life work in sync with one another.

Organized finances and smart tax strategies are key factors in building your career and personal life on a solid and sturdy foundation. Our goal is to ensure that this foundation is a solid one, bringing our clients an enhanced sense of well-being, order, and stability. Our mission is to allow your passion to be your priority, not your finances.





  • Modeling

    Models are the backbone of the fashion industry and are often very young and living away from home for the first time. Karen Rand Associates manages all business-related finances and taxes for models, so they can fully focus on their careers. Our experienced team assists models in effectively structuring their financial lives and planning for the future.

    Among our many services, we review agency statements, manage collections, process payments, organize and assist with tax organization, and follow up on estimated tax payments. This helps models separate their personal and professional lives by keeping finances organized while identifying goals, such as buying an apartment, saving for college, and more. Karen Rand Associates also interfaces with vetted industry professionals to identify investment opportunities and meet other financial objectives. We are the financial bridge between the model and their agency.

  • Family Office & Personal Concierge

    For families juggling multiple properties and/or staff, bill paying and taxes can be a burden. Karen Rand Associates’ Personal Concierge division services high-net-worth families by processing payments and household pay. We report household payroll to state agencies and ensure that all transactions are smooth and timely while compiling accurate records to ensure seamless tax returns. And, as all families know, things come up unexpectedly. Our team serves as financial counsel and handles unplanned issues with speed and efficiency.

  • Corporate & Not For Profits

    Not-for-profit organizations have enough on their plates without having to manage financial record-keeping and accounting. This division of Karen Rand Associates provides financial management services that include: maintaining accounting records and any other needs that may arise. Most importantly, we help organizations create realistic budgets and tax-advantaged strategies — and stick to them by constantly monitoring activity.


Karen Rand Associates makes your finances our priority.

Our financial concierge services allow us to build a relationship that makes things as simple and seamless as possible. Everything we do can be done on-site or remotely.

Our financial management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing tax records while developing year-round strategies with your tax professionals that minimize tax obligations
  • Resolving complex financial issues
  • Invoicing your agency, clients, or patients
  • Processing household payroll
  • Collecting and reconciling payments
  • Processing disbursements
  • Meticulous record-keeping and reporting
  • Reconciling of bank accounts, credit cards, and all other financial accounts

Karen Rand Associates works with individuals, families with multiple homes, a variety of assets, and household staff, and not-for-profit organizations. We also work with private staff, personal assistants, and family offices to ensure all information is precise and free of error.

Our expert team leverages technology in a way that promotes productivity through programs such as Quicken, QuickBooks and Sage Intacct.



Karen Rand Associates has been perfecting the art of family and office accounting since the 1980s, when we were founded on the principles of Karen Rand. Her ideals of being meticulous, honest, trustworthy, and fair still resonate with us today.
Our team of professionals understands that there is much more to handling the financials than spreadsheets: People like to work with people they like, who are passionate about what they do, and who care about their clients.
Michael Tumminia, CPA
Xanthi Mantas
Nick Fanourgiakis



We take pride in the great relationships we have developed throughout the years, improving lives and working with amazing clients.

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